Female Language For Sclock

Female Voice Pack
Free add-on for MorphVOX Voice Changer.
Screaming Bee
Baby Names
Decide a name for your newly born baby.
SClock Plus
Easy-to-use desktop multilingual speaking clock with alarm system.
Shelltoys Inc.

Female Language for Sclock

Package: QuickThai
Best way to learn Thai QuickThai.
Armenian (Eastern) language for ABBYY FineReader Professional Edition
ABBYY Software House
SlipWorms [Slavik_pr (FBI)]
Estonian interface language for ABBYY FineReader Professional Edition
ABBYY Software House
VoxPop Female Voice
Free application that works with VoxATC.
Internal Workings
Female Anatomy 3D Control Demo
Observe and analyze female organs.
npCompete Solutions
Vocalizer Direct Anna Premium High
A female German language pack for JAWS 14 and MAGic 12.
Freedom Scientific
Vocalizer Damayanti from Claro Software
A female Indonesian language pack for the ClaroRead program.
Claro Software
Vocalizer Nuria from Claro Software
Vocalizer Nuria is a female voice extension in Catalan language for ClaroRead.
Claro Software

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Female Language for Sclock

Vocalizer Simona from Claro Software
Vocalizer Simona is a female Romanian language pack for the ClaroRead program.
Claro Software
Vocalizer Zuzana from Claro Software
Vocalizer Zuzana is a female Czech language extension for ClaroRead.
Claro Software
KobaSpeech With Vocalizer Iveta - Czech
Read any text in a human-quality Czech voice within the RealSpeak program.
Koba Vision BVBA
Vocalizer Expressive Audrey Premium High
A female French-language pack for JAWS 15 to JAWS 17 and MAGic 13.1.
Freedom Scientific
VisionAid International Hungarian Vocalizer Voice Pack
A female Hungarian voice pack designed for SAPI 5 applications.
VisionAid International
VisionAid British English Ivona Voice Pack
A British English language pack designed for text-to-speech applications.
VisionAid International
Female Voices for MorphVOX
Screaming Bee Inc.
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